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Interior Design Trends And Tips For Your Application

Interior design trends - a temporary or a temporary matter?

Many newspapers and magazines have already published information about the interior design trends in the new year. But how much effort should you admit, to integrate them in your own four walls? Acting one like a child with many toys, if you then hang on the new design trends? Their application actually makes any sense or not in fact?

The answer is neither unique, nor easy. Also each of us should search them individually. We but are happy to help with some tips and opinions.

Change the setting in the course of time

In the 80s, our interior design from mirrors, Shabby Chic and bright colors was dominated. The 90s were marked by pastel colors and abstract patterns. These are all things that only difficult combined.

But in the years after that our attitude towards design trends has changed very much.

They followed each other quite naturally, seem easy to grow out from the previous to the new. Also, the aspect of the retrospective was increasingly pronounced.

In other words, it was always capable to do so to set up your own interior design that it can stay up-to-date, long years of many. But that won't work automatically. Under the newly emerging trends, there are not only those that grow from the old, or bring them to new life. New ideas also emerge that quickly perish within a very short time.

Make a difference?

First it depends on our opinion, whether you can distinguish between timeless and temporary trends. How does that work? Timeless trends correspond to one or more of the following criteria:

With the previous interior design trends to form a continuity;

They appear as an evolution of such trends;

Reflect a significant social setting, which is expected to soon will not change (as example: seek closeness to nature, environmental protection);

You can turn easily, so can be used even after the expiration of the trends in an altered form;

Harmonious and tested during the mass to wear (not long keep unusual floor plans).

These factors are not present, the risk is too great that it's a short-lived fashion.

But we know that everything has been said so far seems more or less abstract. It is helpful to develop a feeling with some examples. We have some such for you.

Short after the copper became popular, the market of which was flooded. It has been used as an ornament and sometimes whole accessories such as vases and bowls of it were created. Also appeared cheap imitations and it turned out that they look not much worse. These are all good reasons why copper is rapidly lost popularity.

Works of art with a slogan

For several years the fashion of so-called positive thinking was there. Optimistic sayings through consistent repetition should cause us to feel better. After some time, you could tell the effect would be far too limited. The works of art lost their importance and are now deemed tasteless.

That was something like a vegetarian version of the souvenirs, which were typical for hunting lodges. But no matter how well they are made, they are simply like 's toys and a cheap imitation. So rather it dropped. You could tell a great artwork with hunting scene had a much better effect.

Now the following three examples for timeless design trends.

This trend comes up again and again and it is incredible how many different variations of Green designers. 2017, that is again the case. Greenery is called the PANTONE color of the year.

Jewel shades as accents and anchor points

Emerald, Amethyst purple, Ruby Red and golden yellow Topaz are some of many examples of classical jewels shades. They have a timeless appeal and will serve you long if you select it as the color for your accent, or anchor points in the design.

Interior design trends - open housing plans

The open living plans are considered an innovation, but actually they have their roots in the classical period and in some representative buildings of the past. By the way, the open plans come something out of fashion in the year 2017. But it has a slightly different reason. They were used for years anything exaggeration often. This happened for example in the small apartment where you connected all functional areas in an open floor plan. Thus the private room disappeared completely. Therefore, this solution in smaller homes is not so often recommended. If you have several premises, or retreats, it's quite worth wider look part of the apartment by means of these design methods.

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