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Open Living Room Design And Tips For The Perfect Setup

The golden rules of establishing an open living room design

The open living room design, which integrates a dining room and kitchen, is typical of the Interior of the modern art in recent years. Many were aware, but not how difficult is appealing furnishings with such a plan. They are then disappointed because everything seems not so appealing as one has imagined it. Is this also your case? Forget remorse, because there are some golden rules, by which you can make everything good again.

Learn in our article, what exactly are these rules!

Paint the room an and the same color. If you don't like that, then the color palette should be at least monochrome. If each wall Gets an own shading, this leads to a fragmented appearance.

You can use several different textures in the room. One should dominate but and would have to occur anywhere in the room at various points. For example, it makes sense to use similar materials for countertops or front pages of kitchen cabinets and on the table and in the living room area.

Keep the casual look

The charm of open living plan design thrives on the serenity. Therefore this should prevail in all cases in the interior design and decoration. You can calmly mix the styles and on the eclectic. But not forgotten by corresponding colors and materials to ensure a uniform look. So keep the harmony in the region.

Clearly define the separate areas

The great art of the open living room design consists of structuring works also without fragmentation. Through the clever distribution of furniture and the strategic planning of the kitchen, it can secrete different zones in the area. Usually in the sofa and kitchen island play the largest role. You have the task to separate the kitchen or the living room area from the rest of the institution.

Different fabrics and textures

The monochrome color palette can make about boring space. The solution would be to mix different textures. To provide variety, without losing the minimalist aesthetic. The latter is of key importance for the good functioning of the open living room planning. by the way, can highlight the different textures and fabrics to the zoning within one and the same area.

Sufficiently closed storage space

In an open plan living room, we have many open perspectives. For this reason, chaos and disorder are immediately visible. So you avoid the bad impression on your guests and feel itself comfortable, you should have enough locked storage space. This applies particularly to the kitchen area. There you should store dishes, products, etc well in cabinets and in other hidden places.

Within the open home, there must be several great accents are also used for the zoning in the area. The window decoration would distract the looks of them and provide chaotic effect. For this reason, you should proceed very subtly this element.

Even the smallest objects should be aesthetically pleasing in an open Housing Act. It has many wide prospects from several corners and therefore everything should look aesthetically appealing.

Plan your insulation and heating well

From a modern perspective, the open living room furniture and has a great disadvantage, which is yes no energy saving solution. In this regard, you too can do something and while provide good insulation. Although the space can be not really hot, but on the other hand, you can warm up the whole room with a heater. The wide window are tricky. These should also be of high quality so that the room in the winter is too cold.

If you previously have kept any of these rules, this task may be slightly too demanding to you. You can watch this but also different: the open living room planning requires you to be very picky with the living room furniture and critical. You choose only items that are aesthetic and a practical benefits as well.

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