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Hide The Radiator Radiator Fairing

Radiator Panel itself master or buy?

The radiator is one of our favorite items are certainly at home, especially in the winter. But very often they are also one of the disturbing things in terms of aesthetics in the Interior. If you live in an old apartment, the radiators are certainly accordingly aged. If you have such radiators with preceding pipes and worn paint, you need ideas certainly for their refreshment or radiator cover that can hide it. We give you some clever and interesting tricks and tips on how you can hide your radiator at home or at least brighten.

Panel radiator dekotipp radiator panels

If you repaint the radiators in white, will achieve no big change and will provide for a new phenomenon in the interior design. You can best use a whopping and Flash color that brings the radiator to the "rays" and as a great accent, much more modern will represent him.

Hide the radiators by color

Colored camouflage

The other solution is to remove the radiator in the same color as the wall. So he is disguised and not immediately catches the eye.

Radiator fairing as furniture

Just the sight of the radiator does bother you? Hide this by turns him into a practical piece of furniture. Your radiator may assume the role of a table, Cabinet, Office table or a bench. The important thing here is that they ensure sufficient openings, so a good air circulation can occur and the radiator continues to fulfill its function as a heater.

Dress up the radiator in an artistic manner

Panel radiator of heater casing decorating tips

Kind-box to hide

Their radiators can transform into modern art, by panels of glass, aluminium or other suitable materials.

With sufficient will, with little time and limited means, you can replace the radiator completely by those which register fully into the concept of the modern House of the future. Some designer radiators are so great that you can hardly believe it, they really are a source of heat.

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